Why did I start a blog?

Welcome to my blog. So, you may have guessed that my name is Liz Coker and after spending years and years of writing in a diary – I’ve simply decided to start a blog to share a piece of myself and passion for writing to you.

Here are 5 reasons I decided to start a blog now rather than earlier or later:

1. I am ready to share some of myself to strangers. This was a hard concept for me to digest not because i care about the opinions of people that don’t know me but because I’m simply sensitive about my stuff lol

2. Always wanted to have a blog. It’s self-explanatory really –  I’ve always wanted to have my own blog but for years i thought I needed a reason. Realised I don’t so here it is lol

3. Youtube – I watch youtube A LOT and over the past year or 2 I had been watching a lot more spoken word videos, poetry videos and also stories from people who found it theraputic to write and share their poetry.

4. I’m an avid blog reader. so it’s only right that i have my own blog lol

5. Life is too short to not share with people your passions. Better late than never!

I’ve always felt like words have vibrations, carry emotions, and I’ve always found a deep comfort in expressing deep feeling through poetry. I like writing bits and bobs of inspiring poetry and expressive writing here and there. Really, I would hope that you read my posts and feel the same or similar emotions as I do when I’m writing them.

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