It was not his responsibility,
but he put her insecurities to sleep
and loved her with all of his deep.
He turned up her light
and never once dimmed her shine.
He was what you call love, in a world
that believes it’s merely a feeling.
He was everything and intention in a world that was led purely by emotions and ego.
He was selfless in giving and relentless in pursuing
He loved from a depth rooted in Christ.
He understood love because he served the one that is love
Even though the idea of dating was never a biblical concept
He made the essence of holiness remain constant
So, you could say He found his good thing
not a random fling, or a “sideting”.
She is powerful all by herself
but what a force they are together
So fabulous, that she made him better
He led her and presented her without flaw
He loved on purpose, deliberately all the more
Start as you mean to go on
Lead and love HER like Christ loves His church

So, each day was like the first day,
because He made it his business not just to love her in new ways…
but to choose her every day
In all ways,


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