The Radiance

My mind can not comprehend Your marvel,
but my heart always tries

My lips cannot speak justice of Your unlimited grace
but my life is a testament to it

And through testing period and trials
I could never remain the same, because my journey is watered by Your spirit and the stream of my thoughts fail to contain the glory of Your name

So my heart again,
will try to reflect the good news of Your coming

And You on the cross at Calvary will speak of the power that transpired through Your suffering
And in Your death, the light of heaven glowed on earth

It was there in Your pain,
that the heavy burden of sin on man was lifted like a potent curse.

And then You rose…
On the third day and ascended into the heavens
And the radiance of God blazed far brighter than man himself could ever question.

So this adventure,
never ever claims of a dull moment
And in the makings of me… within You – my soul stopped roaming

It was then in that moment, that I realised like the Samaritan woman at the well…
that I’d rather be lost in Him than be found by anything or anyone else.

So here I am, found and changed by His love
Saved from myself by my Heavenly Father from up above

It’s like being lost in the wilderness and being found in an embrace
Of my Abba father showing me the glory His face

To think that He thought you and I were to die for
And with the presence of Jesus Christ, the barrier between man and God was now torn

So here I am,
baptised in truth

So here we are,
in awe of the ultimate price paid for our salvation
As His absolute sovereignty over life and death prevails over all human objection.

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