Somehow, I kept arriving in the dark alleyway of confusion but no way is this my destination.

My life travel card stops in many places and even on delayed routes I come across negativity but so much more positivity, so…

I won’t be a prisoner to their opinions of me.
Though life throws me curve balls, this isn’t Pokemon – I can’t catch em all,self-talk

But in the midst of blocked roads and recalculated routes

I am coming into all that I’m becoming – Life is happening, and it’s introducing me to myself but…

I won’t be a prisoner to their opinions of me.
I’ve made mistakes along the way and there’s no doubt I’ll make more on a new day

Progress not perfection is the name of this game,

So, who cares about what anyone has to say?

I won’t be a prisoner to your opinions of me.
The conversation in my mind is saying one thing,

but my heart is saying the right thing,

And God is saying the only thing,

That I should be concerned with.

But It’s like that whisper of fear,

From the devil himself getting in,

And working to tarnish all the good seeds and feelings I’ve invested in.

But I tell that voice..

“I won’t be a prisoner to your opinions of me”
So I ponder on every promise that God gave me,

And I reiterate that the devil’s schemes will NOT phase me.

There is so much more happening beyond what I can see,

And my thoughts can only be nurtured with goodness and positivity.

So, I decide to release my mind from fear

Reiterate the promises and purpose for my future since I’m still here.

A daughter of the most-high King, I declare.

A glow of peace around my being is what I wear.

One day the goodness I tell myself begins to shine out,

And the essence of my self-talk determined whether

I exercised faith or continue to feed doubt…

And then I’m reminded that when I ask

That I must believe and not doubt

Because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea,

Blown and tossed by the wind

And this foundation is built on the rock of my saviour and King

Cant’s, won’t and never wills are words I no longer speak from now

So I tell that voice…

I was prisoner to your opinions but now I’m free.

I change my words and my world begins to change.

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