Time for the truth

You are the beauty you so desperately look outward for.
It’s time someone told you the truth.
The truth beyond social perceptiongazing
and the truth over the opinions that you
may have digested as facts.
The opinions that you ate for breakfast
and consumed for lunch.
The opinions that you recorded, stored,
re-winded and replayed in your mind
more than you should’ve.
The opinions that you took with you to bed.

It’s time someone told you the truth…
The truth, that the essence of your being is not
only enough but streams with an overflow
That the light within your words are
seeds in the souls that need a voice
And your passion can be the soil that births fruit
And your purpose is the revelation to someone’s truth.

Take heed and be all you can be in this moment
Don’t crawl or skip but run with the Giants
Possess that which is yours
Die empty having given the world all that God has given you and more
Let your story now become the foundation to God’s glory.
Let the world see God when they see you.
May the salt and light that is you season your environment
with just enough flavor that it creates a rippled effect of bloom,
A bloom of planted seeds in your neighbor
And more planted seeds in a stranger
Because each and every one of our purpose is bigger than ourselves
It is tied to someone’s need to see God in a way that they never would by themselves…

So, what about your belief has its strongest grip?
That you must live according to the opinions of the world
That you should live out your God-given leadership?
Because like Esther God has a designated place for you
And just like Joseph the realness of your dreams are ever present and ever true
And maybe like Moses you’ve played it safely,
when He’s been calling you to step out faithfully
Step out boldly and step out with no fear.
It’s amazing how God moves when you exercise the power He gives you
In your own unique sphere.
And if you were ever wondering why the proverbs 31 Woman is nameless
It’s Because you’re supposed to put your name right there.
So what I’m saying is that God calls us to be leaders wherever we are
And today is a great canvas to make a new start
Disregard the failures of last year
And run a new race without fear
If you ever felt alone on this journey
Nice to meet you, I’m Liz
Let’s awaken together
Encourage one another
Inspire with power
Flourish with God Colours
Love, live and lead as we uncover.

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