Self-Defined BE(YOU)TY (Part 2)

Selfdefined beauty part 2 imageSo there was a vow that I kept to my soul, a very long time ago,
that I would never have any business trying to take another woman’s crown when I have my own.

It is my understanding that my beauty does not take away from yours and neither does yours from mine, so let’s embrace our skin,
our complex shades, sizes, and magic so that we can all shine.

There simply came a time,
I ditched the comparisons and decided that I would be me unapologetically,
in all of my scars and imperfections, mixed in with all of my beauty and all of my intelligence.

It is in my power to define my beauty for me and I refuse to hold,
no prisoners,
no opinions and definitely no stereotypes that they keep.
Because Maya said like Air I rise,
and societies systems and definitions are not valid to I,
so I…
Will forever let my inner beauty speak even when it’s voice shakes.

I begin to start with the woman in the mirror and tap into the soul that is within her.
I embrace the accents of my jaw even if that makes no sense to what is opposed to be the norm.

I stop to appreciate the creases near my smile, the deep curl of my lashes and the radiance in my eyes that gives you sneak peaks of my passion.

You see…
I just stopped with the self-pressure
and let myself be,
let myself free
and let the boldness of my glare beam,
because perfection is not a destination
even if we think it can be achieved.

It’s time I let them know that I am not aggressive because I am bold
nor am I difficult because I am strong

I will forever applaud the plump and suppleness of my lips that are mine
and will not stay silent when the ignorant are wrong.

The major key is that us women are diamonds with so much within us than what you can see on us – you can not objectify that.

Our drive, and soul, our mind and all of this and more than meets the naked eye is our what makes up our beauty – you can’t ignore that fact.

So, I figured it was time I admired the fluffiness of my Afro
and self-define this thing we call beauty at the back of what is my truth to be known.

I think about what I will tell my future daughter when she arrives in a world that is so pressed on telling her who she is and who she should be subconsciously…
A day doesn’t go by that I tell myself that I am beautiful as I am, and I am comfortable in my beautiful to let you know that you are beautiful as you are too. So to every woman reading this, define that with no exceptions because anything less is far from true.

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