The Exposé

Love exposeLove comes, kicks down your door and demands to sweep you off your feet.
Promising to provide you with far more than your wants and needs,
accelerating a compulsion in your stream of emotions to let go of what’s underneath.
And so… you let this river flow,
flow in which ever direction it leads,

with whatever rhythm it feels, and from any intensity it deems.
Because above all.. you’re being swept,
swept serendipitously to new heights like a dream,
to new dimensions – so supreme

And with your heart wide open,
so open to the possibilities,
you feel the overwhelm of vulnerability.
It’s the anxiety of the unknown and 
sometimes, the exchange in energy puts limits on perspective and reveals the law on selflessness beyond stimulation.
Loving you without condition is loving me without subjection…
because our flaws are prevalent, and a key part of our existence.
But, in giving myself wholeheartedly to you without question, means, walking into the unknown of your lows

But, what are those lows when we so often touch the highest of highs – no one needs to fix what isn’t broken – but even so, let it be…

The beauty of a process is the undermined seed growing into the fruitful tree.
It’s the unregarded caterpillar blooming from its cocoon into the butterfly in spring season.
So, nothing can behold us because this foundation is built on far more than feeling and not lust,
Far more than you and I, and far more than meets the eye
The exposé is the uncovering beauty of love at it’s core with all its thorns.
It’s not always glamorous but it grows as you continue to give more
Give more of who you are.
Because when a union is birthed from purpose
Love is expressed from a stance of service
And from a place of selflessness.
It does not hide, neither is it withheld in reserve
It is exposed in all its glory, given and received even when it feels undeserved.

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