The Prayer #2016

Dear Father,
I come to you humbly with an attitude of thanks, and in all things I can come to you in gratitude of life itself even when my mind sometimes goes blank.

Lord, help me to unload any heavy burdens that I shouldn’t carry, and give me the strength and courage to face each day with no worry.

Realign my thoughts so they only stay fixated on your promises, and teach me that in all things in life to stay grateful, show love and remain honest.

If I am to be light and salt in the world, teach me Lord, to shine brighter than I ever could. And with our individual purposes on earth, it is all for your divine plan and greater good.

May my life be testament to your glory and may your glory be the cornerstone for my victory. Teach me to see others through your eyes, and to extend the same measure of grace as you do to my life.

May we bring in 2016 with restored hope and the zeal to do better and be better for our body, mind and soul.

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