Self-Defined BE(YOU)TY

It must be the glow of her skin in the sunshine
Or perhaps it’s the curve of her hips
That races through your mind
Maybe it’s the versatility of her hair
The fullness of her lips
The filter on her pic
The “Beat” of her make-up
And the “Fleek” of her brows
The “Slay” of her edges..
and her black that never cracks

But perhaps, it’s the bounce in her step
And her body thats so well kept.
Her waist is perfectly trim
And she’s the right standard of beauty according to ‘Him’…according to who?!?

Surely it’s according to her…
It’s definitely the comfort in her embrace
The strength in her strut
And beauty is her name
It’s the introduction of her presence before she says a thing
It’s the light as she enters the room
And the unmatched confidence that she oozes

Let’s get back to the wonder and marvel that is she
Back to the crown fixed on her head even if you can’t see it
Back to the validation from a man that she simply doesn’t need
Back to the glory of her days, being unapologetically all that God has called her to be
Back to being simply a woman not defined by you, the world, or by me

Back to royalty and back to respect
Back to grace in all of her depth
Back to more of what you and me don’t see
Back to the beauty that’s not ever so demeaning
Back to what is real and back to what is true
Back to dusting off the world’s perception of what beauty is and defining yours for you.

Self-Defined BE(YOU)TY (Part 2) – check it out here ->>

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