Life’s little treasures

Little thingsIt’s the way a person’s smile can light up their eyes, which feels like where stars and paradise reside.

It’s the wink from the boy or girl you admire that releases the kind of tingles within you that heighten your desires.

It’s the look on your mother’s face when she tells you that she’s proud of you – this takes you to a state of euphoria and those feelings are very far and few.

It’s the way the birth of a baby can shape the hope of a family, which brings the type of love into the atmosphere that increases happiness and restores faith in humanity.

It’s the gleam in the eyes of a man at the alter who knew his whole life that he shouldn’t be alone, then proudly finds his queen and seats her right next to him at the throne.

It’s the way a school teacher can restore hope in the future of a child that sees none at all, meaning teachers are the kind of heroes that plant the most important seeds within us, even if they seem somewhat small.

It’s the beauty of how our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious one, meaning the more good we nurture our thoughts with, the greater our capabilities.

It’s the embrace of a friend that sees you for who you are and not what they’d like you to be, which converts the union from deep friendships to chosen family.

It’s the little things in life that make all the big things matter… And it’s the embracing of faith, hope and love to one another that makes this journey of life that much better.

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