The Root Of Pure Love

The book of life says in 1 Corinthians 13:4 that “love is patient and love is kind”

Love is also action. Love is time.

Love is doing for others more than you do for yourself – love is listening.

Love is a stream of many little but simple things

Love is also that one big event that changed everything


Love is one language with many accents

Love continues to glow even in our absence

The cross is what equals love

It’s who GOD is and what He does


Love is the soft blanket of God’s grace

Love is your dedication to the originator and Him showing you His face

Love is the surrender of Your only begotten son

To a world plagued with sin that only He could overcome


Love is unconditional and giving without intentions for return

It’s the weight of all our yearning and not something needed to be earned

Love is… Loving you the same way I love myself

It’s one of those beautiful things that outlasts life itself


Love is so much broader than our conceptual definitions can comprehend

It’s a continuous act of selflessness – Love sees no end

Love is of the highest form of great intentions expressed

He simply asks that we put our trust in Him – we don’t have to be at our best


God’s biggest deed defined love

Nothing can compare to what Jesus had done…

He is the finisher of our faith but the author of it

When we fix our eyes on His face

He moves within us with His spirit

The width of His love stretches beyond any high mountain that we can measure

The height of his Glory is the location of all deepest treasure


In His love, we are forever changed

His promises stay the same and are fulfilled in every way

The calming of our storms is His peace

He must increase – I must decrease

With more of Him and… less of me


Forever in faith, hope and love we are free

But He emphasizes that Love is the greatest of all those 3

Today I fear no more for God’s perfect love casts this out

And the root of pure love removes every ounce of my shame and all traces of my doubt


So I’m asking – is this love that I speak of, not sweet or fancy enough?

Or must I use soppy metaphors for mere emotion to convey God’s unchanging love..?

God’s love is simply indescribable – difficult to break down but definitely true

This was my attempt at explaining it – I just hope you know and feel it too.

roor of love

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