Running With My Imagination.

Lake and FogImagine, heaven had visiting hours.
Imagine, having one last chance to say to a friend what you never could.
Imagine, a life with no fear embracing your inner greatness knowing that all will be good.
Imagine there being a moment in time with no oppression and  a class system didn’t exist.
Imagine one beautiful moment lasting a lifetime like a never-ending kiss.
Imagine music you hear on the radio always lifting your soul.
Imagine the words shared from the media making you more in touch and less cold.
Imagine a young girl understanding that it’s in her heart that true beauty resides.
Imagine that young girl hating what she sees on the surface because someone forgot to first tell her to love what’s inside
Imagine, a world that was safe and I could freely walk these streets with no fear that an attack might take place.
Imagine you and I only speaking with our minds.
Imagine being so intellectually and spiritually intertwined with a person that communication diminished time.
Imagine pain could be plucked out and thrown away.
Imagine one’s tears of joy as a cure to a disease for just one day.
Imagine we saw souls instead of bodies and hearts instead of ulterior motives
Imagine a life with no hope – giving us no life at all.
Imagine that I don’t have to consult with myself but to a man named Jesus with a direct call.
Imagine love was never a word and something we’d only know from feelings and actions transferred.
Imagine love at the first and every sight.
Imagine after hundreds of years on, that racism today is something that’s still a fight.
Imagine that the generation before us are the ones that raised us and are the generation that cries.
For one moment just imagine all that you could be and imagine that all of the greatness within you and I can be unlocked with just one fearless small key
Just Imagine that…

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