The Road to Serenity

Hopeless end to endless hope.

Broken heart to mended soul.

Life of fear to unwavering faith.

My load of pain, He carried away.

From selfishness to service.

Life in limbo to a life of purpose.

Drowning in doubt to confident prayer.

Hiding flaws to laying them bare.

Trusting in luck to Miracles from above.

Lost in the world and found in His relentless love.

God sees me through the eyes of grace,

It’s in his presence that I feel safe.

Turbulent storms to His comfort & peace.

Overflowing tears to relief from grief.

Taking pleasure in things to delighting in Him.

Carelessly living to awareness of my sins.

Once avoiding the truth – but here I stand,

not perfect but always in need of His helping hand.


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