My 1st Colour Conference Experience 2015

I was at Colour Conference 2015. Firstly, I’ll say that when women come together with a collective intention – It’s a powerful thing. I think that’s something Phylicia Rashad said once.

The collective intention was to “Be found” 

A little background on what Colour is – The Colour women’s conference is held every year and is hosted by Bobbie Houston and the Hillsong global team in Sydney, Cape Town, London, and Kiev. It is an ongoing initiative of Hillsong Church and is open to any woman seeking to make a difference in her world.

The long story in short – So my girl Jen mentioned Colour conference to me at the ending of last year. She sent me the link to the site and video and basically made it a point that we had to be there. Once I had seen the video and seen that Joyce Meyer would be one of the speakers I got so excited and said that “WE HAD TO GO!” (this was before hovering my eyes over the ticket price) 

My account was set up a bit differently at that point in time, but low and behold my awesome friend told me not to worry and that she’d buy me a ticket, and that it would be an early birthday present.

Did my jaw touch the floor? Yes!

Did I think she was joking? Yes!

Was she joking? Nope.

You’re thinking ‘how much is this ticket anyway?’ – £120.00

Yes, that is not chicken change. Best early birthday present EVER. Shout out to my girl Jen. Next year I plan on buying a ticket for a friend to come to Colour. It’s a blessing to be a blessing.


When women come together.

IMG_3965There’s something powerful that happens when 10,000 women fill an arena to come and have an encounter with God. I had never in my life seen that many women in one place, for a common intention to be found in God’s presence and to empower one another. The atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and kind of difficult to describe – you had to be there! but I will say that God is not a secret to be kept. All the goodness that is reaped from our walk with him is to be shared for the Glory of his name.

The scripture of focus for the conference was Colossians 2:2-4 (MSG)  (Go and have a read of this beautiful scripture)

I’ll summarise the key highlights briefly – I promise

Key highlights

Praise & Worship 

Think back to a time when you were out with your people at a bar/club/ party or whatever and the DJ was playing all the right songs one after the other. Now think about how you got your whole entire life, dancing and ripping the dance floor lol.

This was the EXACT same thing only the turn up was for Jesus (Please click on the words “turn up” to be redirected to the definition if you need it lol). The praise and worship was the other side of conservative and I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with conservative, but when I say that every woman came expectant and left all their worries, shame and pain at the door – I’m saying the roof was raised, our voices could not be ignored. His presence was felt. Heart’s were touched.


I just want to share some key points made by the speakers. They packed a punch!

DawnChere Wilkinson

DawnChere talked on 2 topics, 1 she called “Slow burn” and the other “Love rush” –  It was powerful.

She spoke about her personal battles and used the story of Sarah to reflect on how she has sustained her faith. She also spoke about the supreme and unconditional love of God for us even when we find ourselves in a mess. Some key points she made were:

  • You are not what you’ve done.
  • God’s love changes everything and rushes to restore you.
  • God doesn’t care how we got to the point we are in in our lives, he just wants us to trust that he has our lives in his hands. 1 John 5:4 (MSG)
  • There is faith in the middle of your frustration

Beth Moore

Beth Moore spoke on the responsibility we have for one another as Christ-followers within our generation.

She made 7 powerful statements:

  1. Each generation must purposely generate –  we are all mothers whether we choose to be or not and we must be intentional about how we mother the generation next that is watching us. Acts 13:36
  2. To generate we have to communicate
  3. Eliminate what you don’t want to generate
  4. Appreciate what is yours to generate
  5. To generate DON’T impersonate
  6. To generate, emulate what the battle takes to dominate
  7. Generate fiery faith in a God too great to exaggerate

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer touched on the topic of ‘What to do when God doesn’t pick you’ and the point of how we should confidently embrace the circumcision’s in our life (used as an analogy for the difficult things God wants us to do to move into the purpose he has for us –  The story of Abraham and the covenant of circumcision). But also not to get filled with pride when we experience the colours and rainbows that God blesses us with too.)

Some of her key points:

  • Part-time obedience will never work.
  • You can’t believe God for the world until you believe him for the little things.
  • Trust God without borders and trust that he has an awesome plan for you specifically that is unlike any other person Genesis 9:11 (MSG)
  • There is a breakthrough on the other side of your comfort zone.
  • It takes faith to move into where God is taking you but it also takes faith to stay there.
  • Every time we want to come up higher our flesh must come down lower.
  • People aren’t really unhappy about what you have, they’re unhappy that they don’t have what you have.
  • Everybody gets something and everybody doesn’t get something.

Final quotes from the founders of Hillsong

  • Live your life outwardly – live generously – Brian Houston
  • It is God’s desire that we bloom and become a garden of life and light on the earth –  Bobbie Houston

Last personal reflection

There were so many epic moments over the course of 3 Days at the Colour Conference including moments where I couldn’t contain my tears because I felt such deep gratitude for God’s presence in my life. One key thing that moved me to make some personal changes of my own, was the thought that the only thing I will leave in this world once I am gone is the fruit of God’s word in my life, and that a lukewarm/fluffy walk with christ is not going to cut it in the days ahead.

If you are interested in attending or would simply like to know more about this annual event, click here. Next year Hillsong Church will be celebrating 20 years.

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