What’s a post-racial society if…?

Is this the America Dr King dreamed about? What’s an unarmed black man to do when the full armed white cop doesn’t make him feel safer? Whose story is really true? The cops story, or the media’s version of unrelated information mostly projecting a one-sided view. Can we only depend on a recorded video from a bystander who captures what appears to be a shadow from a past we’d hope never follows us? I heard a concerned American black man say in an interview “Perhaps we don’t matter to you but we matter to us”

We simply can’t continue to stand and see justice never get served, when the black community is thirsty to be respected as people and yearns to be heard.

We must ask how we can continue to trust a force that says it protects and serves…but frequently stereotypes then kills.

We see the harsh and inhumane world we live in when the big media focus on the inappropriate details of a dead black man and never on what’s real.


From the UK looking in – There is chaos from the communities all across America. The air is gloomy with rage; Black people can’t simply be killed in the hands of the cops in this way. You can witness people from various backgrounds, white, black, old and even people of very young ages. They are misplacing emotions everywhere, which reflects the loss of hope they had in a world that encourages equality – well, this is a complete anomaly! It feels like we’ve time travelled back to 1959, where if a change could ever happen we had to stand to together, march and prepare to fight. The need for a change breaks police cars, disturbs “peace” and forces shop windows to shatter… then I have to ask myself – “What really is a post-racial society if it appears that black lives don’t matter?”

As this injustice keeps happening it feels like nothing is being done but I extend my prayers and sincere condolences to all the families that have had to mourn the loss of a loved one.

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