Pessimist to Optimist

Things haven’t felt right in a long time. It seems like going with the flow is over-rated. I’m walking through life with nothing in line, like I’ve lost a sense of control and my soul’s been traded.

A sense of purpose is what I’m seeking, in a world that relays echoes from the past. A new mindset is what i’m needing – my life can no longer feel like the notes in my drafts.

It’s like there’s no burning desire inside which can and will eat me alive. The simple thought of a life uninspired – Has to be the deepest fear of my life.

But, when all is said and done, I simply need to make a change. Me, myself and I alone.

Decide to make an exchange and give up a life where I have not grown. Choose to start from scratch and inspire a path of my own.

I must seek core purpose beyond profit. Embrace a lifestyle that encourages change for the better.

I can adopt an outlook that shatters fear from the onset, even when life brings about an unforeseeable matter.

A faith that no longer competes with doubt – Courage that leaps over obstacles, even when the words from a hater appear so loud…

On second thought – a life in this way seems more desirable.

Things feel a little better right now

My new ideal is that the benefits from optimism are real. If I entertain positive thoughts and seek positive change

I know I can start a brand new journey in my life today.


So here’s a little back-story. I wrote this piece a while ago, maybe over a year or 2. The circumstances in my life 27552652-optimist-with-half-full-glassduring that point in my life left me feeling like I was going nowhere extremely fast, and this affected my state of mind and outlook on things. When i look back now, it makes me happy that I’ve come into a new grace and understanding of myself. Naturally I’m more of an optimistic person than I am a pessimistic, but during this point in time it was different, I couldn’t seem to open my eyes to any good happening in my life (and some good was happening, as there always is) But the hovering cloud of negative emotions took over. So, when things weren’t going my way or to plan in my head, keeping an optimistic perspective on my life felt so difficult, but I made the decision to entertain good thoughts about my life and leave every worry and heavy load to the Lord because trying to do things my way while trusting God to fulfill his plan for me meant i was trying to take the driver’s seat when i should have been in the passenger seat and letting God lead. I finished the last bit of this piece about 6 months ago because my perspective on everything since writing the first part has changed drastically and I have learned so much about the power of my thoughts and letting go but looking at things in a different way, in a positive way, in a way that makes me happier.

“Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective” – Inas Chahboun

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