God says you are beautiful

BEAUTSI may not be the world’s standard of beauty

Or even what they call “easy on the eye”

My greatest curve is my smile and

there’s more to my appearance than my style…

And with this I tell you that, God says I’m beautiful.

Perfection is not the destination

and my mind is a working progress to growth and this life’s education.

My mistakes do not define me

and my bad decisions do not make me ugly and still, God says I’m beautiful.

A large percentage of my beauty lies in the depths of my spirit

I sing the Song of Solomon which says ‘I am altogether beautiful’,

Psalm one three nine says ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’

I am who Jesus says I am and not who the world defines me to be and with that…

God still says I am beautiful.

Mood swings like the British weather

Distinctive scars that even a filter can’t fade

But with his grace I get better

It’s the greater version of me I discover each and every day

And even with my imperfections, He still says I am beautiful anyway.

Those who look to him are radiant because their souls outshine physical appearance

Their hearts mimic that of angels and even in a world focused on vanity and perfection,

God says we are beautiful.

Let no man define what is beautiful in your eyes

Your opinion stands and how God sees you is all that counts,

just realise that HE created YOU and all that you are is no mistake and all of it is true.

So, with these flaws and all

An Instagram comment isn’t the validation we need to be sure

Love all that you are and the skin you’re in

10 or 1,000 likes takes nothing away from what he’s always said from the very beginning…

You ARE beautiful.

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